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September 13th, 2011Matt

Nerd Caliber interview

Matt was recently interviewed by geek culture blog Nerd Caliber! The article is complete with performance shots from our show at Another Anime Con last year. Thanks to E. Ortiz for a great interview, and LeetStreet Boys being praised as “avatars of otaku culture” is extremely flattering!

November 28th, 2012Matt

NerdCaliber reviews “L3g3nds”

“It is really refreshing to hear people who enjoy fandom and know how to write music.” Just got a great “L3g3nds” album review from NerdCaliber, and they also made a post about the “Cosplay Girlfriend” music video. The writer singled out Booth Babe and Imaginary Boys as the catchiest songs, and praised the album for [...]

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