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October 24th, 2012Matt

L3g3nds album review from MCM Buzz

“The album is titled L3g3nds, and it lives up to its name… A brilliant album.” LeetStreet Boys is extremely proud of this album review of L3g3nds from MCM Buzz! (MCM Expo is the largest comic and pop culture expo in The UK.) It’s inspiring to have our music analyzed and deconstructed by an experienced and [...]

November 2nd, 2012Matt

LeetStreet Boys seeking anime, video game and music journalists

We’ve gotten some fantastic album reviews already and are looking for more! LeetStreet Boys is seeking qualified anime, video game and music journalists who are interested in writing an album review of L3g3nds. If you write for an anime, video game or music website (with a proper domain), magazine or newspaper and have written at [...]

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