LeetStreet Boys are thrilled to announce our upcoming concert at Delta H Con in Houston, TX. We’re really excited to take the stage again coinciding with our 10 year reunion. Hope to see you there! We are also running a number of panels:

LeetStreet Boys Q&A
LeetStreet Boys have been creating music about the otaku lifestyle and performing at anime conventions for 10 years. Want to know how LeetStreet Boys got started, learn more about your favorite song we’ve done, or inquire about our favorite flavors of Pocky? This is your opportunity to ask us anything!

Video Game Music & Audio 101
LeetStreet Boys musicians have careers in music and audio outside of the band, with work featured in titles like Roommates, Cursed Lands and Hanako: Honor & Blade. This is an educational panel on music and sound creation with topics including songwriting, recording, production, sound fx and implementation.

Singing & Recording 101
Do you enjoy singing the songs in anime and video games? Have you wanted to record your own karaoke versions of your favorite songs? Have you ever participated in a singing performance competition like Anime Idol? Get some tips on singing and recording that you can use from the shower to the main stage, whether in your bedroom or a recording studio.

Producing Animation
Matthew Myers fell into producing animation with LeetStreet Boys first music video “Yuri The Only One” in 2008. He has now gone on to produce 5 anime-inspired animated music videos for LeetStreet Boys and most recently made a foray into video game inspired 3d animation. What is it like to oversee the creation of an animated video from start to finish? (Note: This panel is about working on animation as a producer, not a tutorial on how to draw, animate or make AMVs.)

Dramatic Readings of Hate Mail
LeetStreet Boys is proud to share 10 years of our most ridiculous and hilarious hate mail with our fans. Read from our treasure trove of 100% real, uncensored internet hate directed at us, and perform it out aloud as though it were a deep and profound theatrical monologue in this hour of low brow fun with an anti-bullying message. This panel is rated 18+ for mature (more like pathetically immature) and offensive language.