We launched a Patreon page with the initial goal of funding an album of acoustic songs. Please help us make this happen! We’re answering questions about the project here:

Which songs will be on the album?
We’re releasing a 3 song EP for free as a demonstration of the style. The additional 7 songs will consist of 6 new versions of our songs, plus one new original.

Why Patreon?
Making music for fans has gotten more difficult in recent years. Booking less shows means less opportunity to sell merch. Spotify and streaming music displacing sales means lower digital royalties. Without fans compensating artists for music in one way or another it’s harder to justify doing something like this. With Patreon there is no time pressure (unlike our past failed Kickstarter) and it will allow us to keep producing more music after the initial goals are met.

I don’t have any money but I want to help.
We’re appreciative even if you can even donate only $1. Plus, we always need help sharing our music and our funding needs with more people.

(Please post your own questions in the comments (below) and we will respond to them. Thanks for your support.)