I want to address something about our song “Lady And The Trap,” since it seems this still continues to upset a small number of people on social media:

1. First of all, the song is written about a male cosplayer dressed as a female. Crossplay is something that’s seen pretty frequently at anime conventions and has nothing to do with transgender as a social issue. One of our musicians has even freaked out straight men with his Tifa crossplay at different times. The song wasn’t written with transgender issues in mind and it was first inspired by crossplayers at conventions. Another example is Robin Williams’s character in Mrs. Doubtfire where he dresses up as a woman without identifying as female or transgender.

2. Secondly, the word “trap” was not considered an LGBT slur when I wrote the song (back in 2009.) The word was thrown around to describe a character like Bridget from Guilty Gear who is male but appears to be female. The song title was also inspired by a real life “Miss Trap” beauty pageant held at a convention I attended one year. The winner of that pageant happened to also be a transgender person and they were quite happy to win free admission to the event the following year. But times change and perceptions change.

I have personal friends who are transgender and none of them have ever expressed any angry reactions about that song title to me. But this is the internet and things get impersonal and inflammatory so I’ll make this clear: I would never knowingly do anything to upset trans people and this absolutely was not my intention. If you were offended by the use of the word “trap” in this case then I apologize. In today’s culture it’s a hurtful, negative and offensive word that has resulted in a number of fans becoming unhappy with us. I would not write that song today (from 2014-2018 and onward) and in historical context I regret writing it. LeetStreet Boys 100% supports LGBT rights. After all, our most famous song has the word “yuri” in the title! ;)

Asking the song to be removed from iTunes or taken off the album is overreaching and not gonna happen. Trying to pull a song / album from online stores isn’t something we can do personally, and the process of removal and re-release would also be extremely slow and effect our livelihood. As a recording artist you have to take risks and understand that not everybody is going to like the risks that you take, and this is one of those times.

Thanks for understanding and hope this helps.