New high score! LeetStreet Boys is proud to announce that we’ve reached 1 million streaming plays through our digital distribution partner Tunecore, who we’ve worked with since 2008. The milestone for streaming represents an interest in our music beyond the videos and social aspects of YouTube. While comments on our 5 million-viewed YouTube channel are colorful, streaming shows that fans are also seeking the music out for the music’s own sake — to listen to because they enjoy it — and many people are (still) listening to LeetStreet Boys in 2016.

The audience is real and numbers don’t lie. We’ve reached “otaku” fans all over the world, or maybe more importantly they’ve found us. Whether it’s romantics who have proposed marriage to our songs and recited our lyrics in their wedding vows, die-hards who flew across the country to see us at a festival, or the misfits who made it cool to watch anime, play video games, cosplay and party at conventions, we may not be the audience that major record labels and top 40 radio is catering to. We may not be the audience that’s lauded on social media or talked about around the water cooler. But the “otaku” have a voice even if most people don’t understand the new genre we created. In a way that makes it a little more special.

Thanks for listening!

Matt, Lawrence, Pat and Erin