Thank You DerpyCon
We had a fantastic DerpyCon (and also Another Anime Con) and want to extend a huge thanks to the con chairs of both events. It had been 3 year absence since our last public show and brought back fond memories of when we used to be performing at 4-5 events a year all over north America. It felt like the fans who came to see us at DerpyCon were really into it. While we may not be as well-known as we were then, it still feels like there are older LeetStreet Boys fans around the con scene as well as new fans discovering our music for the first time. It was great to return to the stage and I wanted to share some thoughts on what might come next.

Booking and performing
We’re still interested in doing shows at conventions in 2016 if we can make it happen. Even with these 2 recent appearances I’m not sure if it’s going to get any easier. It feels like con chairs are increasingly autonomous with their choices and becoming less likely to listen to requests from their attendees. But of course if there is a huge amount of activity then they can’t ignore it. So we encourage our fans to continue contacting conventions (through Facebook, forums and email) and making requests on our behalf. Additionally if you know of an event that might be a good choice for us then please alert us and we can try reaching out. It probably won’t be huge events like Anime Expo but more midsize conventions where we can provide a draw and we’re a bargain compared to booking bands from overseas.

New music

Just like before it’s harder to justify making an album without having places to sell it on a regular basis. Otherwise towers of CDs are going to mostly take up space. So if we can book around 4-5 shows then it’ll be much more practical to focus on it. We’d love to do it but it’s a ton of work. In the beginning of this year we ran a failed Kickstarter and only raised 1/3 of our goal. We got some comments that we were looking for too much money but realistically this budget was pretty low compared to the rates for making songs for clients professionally (like we did with Roommates and Just Dance Kids.) Realistically it would have been a no frills cost of living while putting a lot of hours into it. Even if we discounted our rates slightly the results of the fundraising effort was sill nowhere near where it needed to be. Writing, arranging, and performing music is hard work and takes an enormous amount of time and skill. It’s not just the time spent in the recording studio that has value.

What else?
We recently did another song as a commission for a fan that we’ll be releasing when there are ready. It’s almost done. It might be possible to offer more projects like this if there is interest, or try something like Patreon where we focus only on singles rather than a 10 song album. We’ll keep taking things as they come and we’re very open to ideas from our fans. The bottom line is that we had a great time returning to the convention scene, we’d love to continue to do this, but we’re going to need continued support to keep it happening. We played our shows at Another Anime Con and DerpyCon like they were our last time onstage because they very well might be, though we hope it’s not the case. It was wonderful to see everyone again and no matter what happens we’re very grateful to have had these opportunities. :)

Please leave thoughts and ideas in the comments.