Our Kickstarter fell short, only reaching about 1/3 of the funding goal to make a new album. Thanks so much to the people who donated, but there weren’t enough of you that we could make this happen. So unfortunately this means that there won’t be a new album, especially without being able to book shows at the rate we did in the past. Otherwise it’s just not worth the huge amount of time it takes to make 10 new songs at the quality fans would want. Despite that lots of people appeared to be really excited about Pocky Girl, the fundraising wasn’t anywhere near where it needed to be. However Pocky Girl is available for sale on iTunes and Bandcamp.

So here’s the good news: We’re going to be able to announce a show soon. In all likelihood this may be LeetStreet Boys’ last show because at this point we have no plans to pursue convention booking or make another album. But at least we will have one last great weekend to share with our fans. Hope to see you there! :)

The other positive takeaway from our Kickstarter is that there are a small number of fans are interested in commissioning songs (even though it’s expensive) and we are still open to creating LeetStreet Boys music under our Kickstarter commission reward terms. Realistically, client / commission projects might be the only way that it’s feasible to make new music at all with booking fallen through the floor. In the past we’ve done commission songs for video game developers and fandom podcasts and it’s generally gone very well. If this is something you or your organization are truly interested in, please contact LeetStreet Boys!

So that’s about it. No new album. Likely another show later this year. Future plans for LeetStreet Boys remain uncertain. Commission / client projects may happen. We are going to leave this website up until after our show in order to help the convention promote, but after that all bets are off. With the relatively low amount of income this is earning (by real world “pay the rent” standards) it is hard to justify spending a lot more time on LeetStreet Boys. If you are interested in more information on Matt’s career as a professional composer outside of LeetStreet Boys, visit his Leet Music website.