Rockstar Games

What the song is about: Inspired by the Jack Thompson lawsuits of the mid 2000s and indie docu-game Super Columbine Massacre RPG! this song, (with a double entendre song title) deals the social issues of video game violence and perception in the media. The voiceovers sample in this song are from mainstream politicians and pundits like Bill O’Reilly, Hillary Clinton, and Jon Stewart as well as industry experts like Greg Costikyan and Thompson himself.

Why it’s underrated: This song was very emotional and cathartic to record, with the memory of my 10th grade English teacher who basically told our class that video games make people antisocial. We tried sending the song to game political websites to highlight, but it seems that a band most known for upbeat catchy love songs can’t also be taken seriously for social and political commentary.

Up All Night

What the song is about: Inspired by Matt’s real life experiences at cons, this song tells a story about making new friends, people watching, snooping around in the dark, jamming on a piano, and not sleeping until the weekend is over. The lyrics for this one are a little more personal because they’re based on real life experiences, and perhaps experiences that other fans can relate to. An anthem of harmless mischief and misspent youth.

Why it’s underrated: When we released this song, the hurricane in Japan had just happened and we used this song to help raise over $150 in charitable donations for relief. As much of a good cause as it was, the tragedy overlooked the song and it’s lyrics. It also didn’t help that we had jerks leaving reprehensible nasty comments about Japan in the YouTube comments, which added to the distraction.


What the song is about: A heartfelt song fantasizing about a relationship, with all the high energy of an anime OP. Inspired by shoujo anime and raw teen emotion.

Why it’s underrated: The band members were all really excited about this one when the album was relesed. The lyrics. The catchy chorus. Just listen! This one came out after it seemed like teen music became unpopular in the media and it just never got the attention we were hoping for.

LeetStreet Fighter

What the song is about: This song pays homage to a popular fighting game, and also pokes fun at a certain nu-metal band from Matt, Frogs and Powers’ hometown during high school. The idea of whispering a silly phrase 4 times and then screaming it 4 times comes directly from what that group used do in their songwriting.

Why it’s underrated: Ironically, this has become the band’s overwhelming favorite song to perform live in concert. With screaming, headbanging, jumping into the audience and causing a moshpit the song leaves everyone sweating and the intensity cranked way up.

My Life Is An RPG

What the song is about: Ever wanted to be a fantasy hero and save the world? We did too. But in the 21st century it’s a little less straight-forward than back in the times of dragons and castles. So what’s a hero to do? This song grapples with the issue of the desire to escape as well as to find an inner calling.

Why it’s underrated: This is the second most popular song on our third album, and we were hoping to make a music video for it the way we’ve done 2 videos for every album. Unfortunately without being able to book shows much since the album’s release, it makes it much harder to sell music and pay for the costs of creating new content. Which leads to…

Fundraising a new album

LeetStreet Boys is currently trying to raise money to create LeetStreet Boys album #4 through Kickstarterter! With the way economics have changed, this is something we absolutely need to do at this time if there is going to be another LeetStreet Boys album at all. If you do not have all 3 of our albums, then we are offering those as rewards so you can listen to obscure gems like these. And if you really want us to make a song about your favorite topic and put it on the album, then there is an opportunity to do that too. Thanks for your help donating so that we can make this possible.