We are getting to release a new song called Pocky Girl that we’re really excited about, intended as a pilot single for this new project. We’re hoping that this will be the beginning of a comeback for LeetStreet Boys in 2015. Following the song release is going to be the release of a Kickstarter campaign in attempt to raise money to make album #4, with stretch goals of making a video and printing CDs. We’re gonna need the help of our fans to make this possible.

Why Kickstarter?
As we’ve discussed a lot, LeetStreet Boys has had real struggle booking shows and this leads to a loss of ability to sell CDs. Our last time on stage was a year and a half ago, and our last convention was over 2 years ago. With the ability to perform for our fans having changed from something we could depend on to being extremely difficult, the resources to make a new album have to come from somewhere in order to meet the amount of requests we’ve gotten. The money we’re seeking is to be able to work on this album full-time until it’s done, in terms of writing music and lyrics, arranging, tracking vocals and instruments, mixing and mastering.

Money and numbers
The budget for the album production is going to be $9001, in accordance with our power level of course. The stretch goal of making the video is going to be $5000, working with the same artist who made the video for Imaginary Boys. In the past we’ve paid for everything out of pocket ourselves, but like I said before without the ability to book shows at conventions things have gotten harder financially. (On a side note, if anyone can help us with booking that would really really help…)

Does this mean LeetStreet Boys is back from hiatus?
Depends. If we are able to fund this album then we will be back in full force. If not, then the hiatus will continue and we’ll try to get out maybe a song a year. Outside of LeetStreet Boys, Matt makes a living as a composer (working for clients 40+ hours a week) and there are only so many hours in the day. No matter what happens, we’re extremely proud of what we’ve been able to do with LeetStreet Boys in past years.

Kickstarter rewards
“So you want us to give you money up-front this time, and what do we get?” Obviously we’re going to be offering “Pocky Girl” and the promise of the new album delivered as low investment rewards. Next we are offering both physical and digital copies of our 3 album catalog, as well as “thank you” credited in our liner notes. As a high priced reward, we are offering the opportunity for fans to direct one of our songs on the album. Since we’ve gotten lots of requests from fans to make songs about things they like, this is the time to finally make that happen. Lastly we are going to post our rate for performing at a private party, since we’ve had requests about that too. If we’re able to reach album funding then we will next offer the opportunity for a fan’s likeness to appear in the crowd shots of our next music video, as well as a sponsor’s logo to appear on the stage.

Time to release
Our goal would be to have the album ready by end of year 2015, and to have the video ready to debut at an anime convention during summer 2015.

The internet is so crazy and random, with potato salads getting $55,000 and we have no idea whether this is going to be successful or not. But we hope that all our fans are going to be energized by this. It’s up to you and the power of the internet!

Update: The Kickstarter page was approved and will go live on 1/12/2015.

We will field any questions in the comments below. Thank you.