LeetStreet Boys is now being represented for booking conventions by Convention Ninja Bookings. This agency also represents anime convention talent like Sonny Strait, Stephanie Young and Warky T. Chocobo. Our press kit is up on the website here. In the past LeetStreet Boys has not worked with an agent, but due to the way things are changing within the convention circuit we are trying this approach in hopes of getting more opportunities to perform live in 2014.

Working with an experienced agent will help reach out to conventions, but we still need fans to contact the events directly with their requests. It’s great to get comments on the internet about whether we can play at a specific con. However this isn’t the kind of thing we can decide, we have to be invited by the event staff. So if you want to see us at your favorite con then the best thing to do is contact them via forums, Facebook or email. Then they write to us. Thanks! :)