For those who are interested to learn more about LeetStreet Boys’ experiences producing animated music videos: here is the good, the bad and the ugly…

Yuri The Only One
Release date: 2008
Debuted at: Anime Boston / Otakon
Views to date: 1.55 million
Time to produce: 5 months
Artist(s): Nate Soria

What went right: This was LeetStreet Boys’ Cinderella story. At the time the concept of creating a music video inspired by anime and AMVs was fresh. We were really excited about it and probably experienced some ‘beginner’s luck.’ Yuri The Only One went on to be a runaway hit that turned LeetStreet Boys into a phenomenon. Our overall most popular song and video to date.
What went wrong: Once the video was released we didn’t really know what to do next and wasted a lot of time with different ideas that never panned out — between a failed series of animated episodes, a production deal that never came through and chasing all kinds of corporate partnerships. In hindsight I wish I had some better support infrastructure and guidance on what to do next.

Guitar Hero Hero
Release date: 2009
Debuted at: ConnectiCon
Views to date: 338,000
Time to produce: 9 months
Artist(s): Nate Soria

What went right: After the success of Yuri The Only One we were able to deliver another video to a fanbase with a lot of anticipation. Additionally, this video spun off a popular Flash game of the same title featuring the song and video.
What went wrong: The production on Guitar Hero Hero was not as smooth as with Yuri The Only One. Between trying to do too many projects at once, computer problems and less than perfect planning it showed that we still had a lot to learn. We also never got the support on the song from Activision (manufacturer of Guitar Hero) that we were hoping for.

She’s So Kawaii
Release date: 2011
Debuted at: Anime Boston / Otakon
Views to date: 385,000
Time to produce: 14 months
Artist(s): Heather Bloss, Colby Peterson, Brianna Plaud, (formerly) Blackscreen Studios

What went right: She’s So Kawaii went on to become LeetStreet Boys’ most watched video and best-selling song after release of the project. Despite a highly flawed production experience, we managed to clean up a lot of the problems through the help of freelancers (including some of the studio’s animators.) The end result was a popular but also extremely polarizing piece.
What went wrong: This was the project from Hell. The studio president blew past all our production deadlines and turned in an embarrassing and unacceptable “final cut” littered with technical errors. Even with added polish the inconsistency still shows and this video was the first LeetStreet Boys piece to ever earn a majority of “dislikes” from viewers.

Cosplay Girlfriend
Release date: 2012
Debuted at: BakuretsuCon
Views to date: 64,000
Time to produce: 7 months
Artist(s): Nate Soria, Erin Nagy

What went right: After learning from mistakes the production time was much faster and more smooth than the previous frustrating experience with “She’s So Kawaii.” This video was picked up early on by some popular blogs and cosplayers on social networks, and also led to increased sales of the song.
What went wrong: After the initial spike the video never succeeded at sustaining much buzz. I don’t think the style is ‘anime’ enough to interest our largest audience constituency, and teenagers didn’t also relate to the adult professional / hipster styled characters as much.

Imaginary Boys music video coming soon! ;-) ;-) ;-)