Playing shows at anime conventions has changed my life. They fly you out and you get to put on a show in front of a room full of fans. Sometimes people treat me like a celebrity and make me feel like I have superpowers. I’ve met some of the most amazing people through conventions and had some incredible experiences. But then it’s over and I fly back to where I live and struggle to stay in touch on the internet. Hope to meet again.

Like fictional characters from two different worlds who fall in love, that’s kind of what it feels like. A dizzying high followed by the hard crash back to real life. Trying to see someone again is really hard to do because of financial and logistical reasons. But the opportunity to meet them is still amazing. So appreciate the experiences you have, make the most of your time and stay in touch afterward because you never know when worlds could collide again.

To all my long distance friends, I miss you and hope to see you again! :)