Harajuku Girl is one of the happiest songs I’ve ever written in my songwriting career.

This is the first song I wrote for L3g3nds. The song is about going on a fantasy trip to Japan. Most of my lyrics are at least a little angsty because how difficult romance can be. But this song has no trace of it, they’re in love and on top of the world.

Harajuku Girl was inspired by Harajuku fashion, most notably Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s well-known song from 2010. The imagery in her music video shows how creative and eccentric Japanese culture can be. Of course none of the things in this song would happen on a real life trip to Japan, but the appeal is the fantasy.

I always imagined this song as the couple from Yuri The Only One having gotten married and grown up. Maybe in the future it’ll be possible to make a music video like this (depending on the overall success of the song.) It’s also about the kind of relationship that I’d love to have, unrealistic that it may be. 5 years later after releasing Yuri The Only One, I find the otaku romance fantasy as exciting as ever.