Final Boss was written as a spiritual sequel to Guitar Hero Hero and Expert Mode. If you haven’t heard these songs, the key characteristics are humorous lyrics about video game prowess, as well as epic guitar shredding. Kind of a spoof on fantasy metal artists like Dragonforce, who we’re big fans of.

In the past we had Rob “Riz” Leifer record the crazy guitar shredding and also had some fun recording him try to do it in one take. But this time around, Riz was unavailable so Pat Powers stepped up to play the guitar solo instead. Like you can hear Rizzy say at the end of the Expert Mode recording video, “I’d like to see Pat Powers play that!”

We think Powers did an awesome job playing up to the high standards of LeetStreet Boys face-melting lead guitar. If you think so too, leave him some props in the comments! ;-)