“L3g3nds, at its core, is a genuine, heartfelt work. Every minute of it feels like a labor of love.”

Unfortunately, that’s almost the only positive thing anime music review blog Anime Instrumentality had to say about our album! The review goes on to totally trash L3g3nds from almost every aspect including the vocals, lyrics, songwriting, arrangement, and even the $13.37 price point. The overall score is “bad” on a scale of “masterpiece” to “worst ever.”

In spite of this, we’re extremely gracious to Anime Instrumentality for taking the time to listen to and write thoughtfully about our music. Most people don’t care about anime music AT ALL and it’s awesome they’re passionate enough to do this! We admire their commitment to journalism and supporting anime music as a whole. We strongly encourage our fans to read their review of L3g3nds as well as their substantial body of anime music reviews. Even though the reviewer clearly did not enjoy the album, they were articulate and fair rather than insulting and bullying.

It’s not realistic to expect everyone to like our music all the time but we appreciate being given a chance. Thank you Anime Instrumentality and Aftersh0k for the thorough (albeit scathing) album review! I hope in the future to be able to share music with you that you find more favorable. :-)