Everyone knows the girl this song is about. It’s easy to have a crush on a fictional character. They look awesome. They sound cool. They have interesting experiences and do things that people wish they could do. They’re perfect in ways that real people can’t be. They’ll never reject you or hurt you.

I’ve known plenty of fans (both male and female) with obsessive crushes on imaginary characters that at times seem more real than interest in actual people. Sometimes they keep moving from one character to the next. On the extreme end, I’ve even heard about something cosplayers call “Cosplay Identity Disorder.” Cosplay Identity Disorder is when someone can’t separate the difference between a cosplayer and the character and only want to date someone dressed as that character. Example: A Sakura cosplayer (from Naruto) goes to a con looking to date / hook up with a Sasuke cosplayer.

Nobody is perfect like a fictional character is perfect, but of course there’s only so much you can do with an imaginary boyfriend or girlfriend. Dating in the real world requires compromise. Usually this is a phase that teenagers grow out of (though it isn’t limited to teens.) Over the course of peoples lives, their desires change. People want what they can’t have. They could find someone real with the same qualities they like in an imaginary character, but also who will be there for them in the real world. Or, they could become attracted to someone with a totally different set of qualities later in life. But a first crush on a fictional character is powerful and everyone remembers the feeling!

Who is your favorite imaginary boy (or girl?)