Free desktop wallpaper can be found here. Enjoy! Also, here’s the song lyrics:

She wants a boy like Link who doesn’t talk but listens (Hey!)
To another world with Inuyasha she envisions
Compared to Tamaki every other guy’s an eyesore
Like L she thinks that Light Yagami is to die for

If only I could be the hero heart throb
In the pictures by her bed
She wants someone who’s perfect
Like the stories in her head
Every day I try so hard
To play the part but
She plays hearts like toys
She drools over imaginary boys

[verse 2]
She wants Edward Elric to be her Super Junior (Who are you calling short?)
Her own Tuxedo Mask she’s just like Sailor Moon her
Favorite band is Bad Luck yaoi is her every night’s dream
Wish I was Fair like Zack because she’s my whole lifestream

Just like Pokemon she’s gotta catch ‘em all
I’m strung up like a scroll on her wall