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January 2nd, 2013Matt

Free “Imaginary Boys” wallpaper download

Free desktop wallpaper can be found here. Enjoy! Also, here’s the song lyrics: [verse] She wants a boy like Link who doesn’t talk but listens (Hey!) To another world with Inuyasha she envisions Compared to Tamaki every other guy’s an eyesore Like L she thinks that Light Yagami is to die for [chorus] If only [...]

January 8th, 2013Matt

LeetStreet Boys is hiring a 2D animator

We’re hiring an “anime” animator to make LeetStreet Boys music videos. If you’re familiar with what we’ve done in the past then you know what we’re up to. This is a paid job. We posted a note on Deviant Art but the info is below: LeetStreet Boys ( is hiring an animator to make music [...]

January 9th, 2013Matt

Inspiration for “Imaginary Boys”

Everyone knows the girl this song is about. It’s easy to have a crush on a fictional character. They look awesome. They sound cool. They have interesting experiences and do things that people wish they could do. They’re perfect in ways that real people can’t be. They’ll never reject you or hurt you. I’ve known [...]

January 13th, 2013Matt

LeetStreet Boys $30 Value Bundle now permanent

Due to the overwhelming success of the promotion, we’ve decided to make the $30 LeetStreet Boys “value bundle” permanent. Purchase all 3 LeetStreet Boys albums for $30 with no extra shipping charge. We will ship worldwide!

January 14th, 2013Matt

LeetStreet Boys: My Life Is An RPG

Click for full size
January 17th, 2013Matt

LeetStreet Boys “Imaginary Boys” posters now available

You asked for it, you got it! Now available: 8.5×11 printed on high quality thick glossy paper, only $7.00 including shipping. Posters signed upon request at no extra cost. Order one in our website store!

January 19th, 2013Matt

Free “My Life Is An RPG” desktop wallpaper

Download here. Lyrics: verse 1: One day I’ll pull the sword from the stone Level up til I make it on my own March into battle as monsters attack Don’t need a credit card to hold me back If I could be where someone understands Launch from a cannon land in distant lands Long time [...]

January 21st, 2013Matt

Matt to play piano gig at Queen City Kamikaze

Matt will be performing live piano at Queen City Kamikaze in Manchester, New Hampshire on Saturday, February 16th. LeetStreet Boys albums and merch will be available to purchase on-site. See you there!

January 26th, 2013Matt

Inspiration for “My Life Is An RPG”

When I was a teenager I was probably a little bit too obsessed with the idea that I was secretly an RPG hero. I was the protagonist and one day I’d stop sitting around and save the world. Well that never happened, but I did eventually write a song about it! Have you ever fantasized [...]

January 29th, 2013Matt

LeetStreet Boys: Final Boss

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