Vic Mignogna has The Risembool Rangers. Travis Willingham has The Miniskirt Army. And now, we have The LeetStreet Team!

You enjoy our music. You make fan art, AMVs and covers of our songs. You help us get live performances at anime conventions. You share our music with the world. So now we want to help you promote us and get you hooked up!

Why Join The LeetStreet Team?

Members of the team can…
* Help us book shows at Anime Conventions near you
* Assist in online missions for bands
* Help promote LeetStreet Boys

What Are The Rewards?
Members of the team will…
* Be the first to get news and updates
* Access exclusive tools and earn exclusive prizes
* Go out to dinner with the band at Anime Conventions

How To Join
Fill out this short survey and you’re ready to go.  It’s easy and you’ll get your first reward – fan-exclusive wallpaper!

Click Here!

(Don’t worry, we won’t give your email address out to any evil organizations including Shinra, Team Rocket, or 4chan.)