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LeetStreet Boys
"Imaginary Boys"

$30 Value Bundle
(All 3 Albums)

LeetStreet Boys are the greatest otaku band ever! Spanning across the multimedia of music, animation, comics and games, they play songs about their passion for anime, video games and Japanese culture.

Their line-up includes dreamy singer/songwriter Matt, pompous guitarist Justin, super-cool bassist Rose and temperamental dragon drummer D-Dos.

May 10th, 2016

LeetStreet Boys hits 1 million streaming plays

New high score! LeetStreet Boys is proud to announce that we've reached 1 million streaming plays through our digital distribution partner Tunecore, who we've worked with since 2008. The milestone ...

December 13th, 2015

DerpyCon and going into 2016

Thank You DerpyCon We had a fantastic DerpyCon (and also Another Anime Con) and want to extend a huge thanks to the con chairs of both events. It had been 3 ...

November 13th, 2015

Another Anime Con, now DerpyCon next

Thanks to our fans who came out to see us perform at Another Anime Con last month, and especially to the people who traveled from as far away as Toronto ...

LeetStreet Boys First
March 23rd, 2015admin

LeetStreet Boys

We’re excited to be back at Another Anime Con. We hope you’re excited too!

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